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    Forgive me... I'm new here! I do have a question I'm hoping someone can answer. I live in Oswego county and Im just getting my first pistol permit. (I'm in my 40's). I'm confused by the permit requirements. It says I must state either concealed carry, possess on premises or for employment. All I want is one that will allow me to go target shooting at the local club and possibly for small game. Which thing do I choose? It says in the paperwork that a permit for "premises" means you can't take it off the premises.. does that mean I can't take it to the range? Then it goes on to state I can only have a concealed permit if I can prove a "special need"... which I really don't have. It seems a bit confusing to me. Can some help me out here? It doesn't make sense to me to have a permit to ONLY have it home and not the range as well.... how do you learn to use the thing if you can't take it to the range???

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    You want to mark "concealed carry." Posess on premises is if you're a shopkeeper or homeowner who wants it for defense, and employment is if you're an armed security guard. Concealed carry is everything else. In your case means carrying it to the range in a way that won't freak out the neighbors. (I'm paraphrasing here.)

    Wayne County gives out a letter from the court along with the permit application that explains what to say. It's page 4 of this document:

    I did the same thing you want to do. I applied for concealed carry for the reason "target shooting." My permit says "License to HUNTING TARGET" and "Restrictions: Household Premises, Target Shooting, Hunting, Secured in Vehicle."

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