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Thread: Gun Shows, Cortland NY 10/8-9 & Lisle NY 10/9

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    Default Gun Shows, Cortland NY 10/8-9 & Lisle NY 10/9

    Just a heads up about a few gun shows this weekend. One is in Cortland NY Saturday and Sunday. It is at the JM McDonald Sports Complex. Here is a link to the show promoter. I've actually never been to this one, so I can't say how it is. I guess I'll find out!

    Also, on Sunday there is a gun show at the Lisle NY fire department on Route 79. It's a nice little show, about 85 tables. It is run by the Mid State Arms Collectors association and is on Sunday only.

    If anyone wants to buy some ammo cans I could meet you at either one!

    Link to cans:
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