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Thread: Israeli Mauser vs. Persian Mauser: Range report w/ photos

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    Default Israeli Mauser vs. Persian Mauser: Range report w/ photos

    The other day was wonderful out and I had some time before work, so I decided to settle an on going world issue by having a battle between my Israeli and Persian Mauser.

    The target was about 85 or 90 yards out and I was shooting from a table. I had originally planned to use only one type of ammo for each rifle, but only had 5 rounds of the good 1992 dated Yugoslavian ammo. So I had to use some 1965 dated 8mm I hadn't shot before. For the Israeli Mauser I used some 1979 dated West German ammo, which has shot well for me before.

    Both rifles have pristine, shiny bores. They basically look unused.

    The Israeli proved to do fairly well, but it shot a bit high and to right when aiming dead center. The group was fairly consistant.

    At first the Persian Mauser did well when using the 1992 dated ammo. Dead center with a very small group. However, when I switched to the 1965 ammo, the groups went to hell. Scattared all over, with no real grouping. Not sure if it was me or the ammo. The 1965 ammo seemed to kick ALOT harder, and with the Persian Mauser being such a short little carbine (or musketoon, ha!) it might have played a role.

    Either way the results.....................a draw I'd say. Haha! I'll have to wait until I get more of that good Yugo ammo and try again. Anyway, enjoy the photos!

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    Nice report and esp pics too
    07 SOT FFL

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