We have been forced to re-review the site's rules in terms of commercial entities and vendors since there are a few members who only use the site to post stuff for sale continually without actively participating in the community. This has nothing to do with any members who post an item here and there and only post occasionally but is aimed at members who join the forum and 9 out of 10 (or more) posts are selling items or the same items.

We were accused by a member for being about "nothing more than the money" when this couldn't be farther from the truth. It does however require money out of my pocket to keep the website running every month. We've never required any type of fee from individuals to sell stuff on the forum but if a member is just using the forum to turn a profit without contributing anything to the forum (i.e. meaningful posts, helping new members, etc.) we as a forum really don't have anything to lose by these members not participating.

This site costs money every month to operate. Hosting, etc. is not free. I'm sure we all know this.

If you are a member who buys product to resell that is considered a "business" in the eyes of this website. It does not matter that you don't have a business name or that you don't rely on buying and reselling to be part of your main income.

Starting now we will be locking any "for sale" threads created by these "ghost" members who only post when they are selling items here. Any questions send me a PM. Once again this is not aimed at individuals who participate in the forum or commercial vendors that contribute to the forum, etc.