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Thread: Trying to do a Saiga 12 conversion on the cheap

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    Default Trying to do a Saiga 12 conversion on the cheap

    I need to be 922r and NY compliant for my build. I already have a stock but it is an import so it wont count toward 922r. I have done a 7.62 conversion and am not sure how much different it is. I plan to get a US made FCG and a US made hand guard I believe that would make me 922r compliant. but I could be wrong.

    As far as the fcg does it need modification? I ordered a pre done fcg for the 762 and ended up having to fit it myself anyway. Is it worth paying extra to have the fcg modified or should I do it myself. Also instead of sheaperds crook I plan to use hitch pins how do you guys feel about them. I am trying to save a few buck and also reuse the trigger guard. any help suggestions thing I am leaving out that I need. Thanks

    Also does anyone have a video or pic thread I could use as an aid I did the 762 conversion a while back.

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    Carolina Shooters Supply has some pretty good conversion videos on their site.

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    search for saiga forums. They have an S12 section.

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    Which stock did you decide on?

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    Saiga shotguns with a threaded barrel have been counted as 14 imported parts.
    A letter has surfaced a few months back that said they are now calling the gas piston
    another part,as well as the gas puck.
    To cover your ass I'd be calling it 15 parts in a stock threaded shotgun.
    Now if you put a T-hole on it,you just added a "form" of a pistol grip. I've been told in the past
    that a T-hole stock counts as 2 parts. So I'd add another part to your list(stock and pistol grip).
    So now your looking at 16 imported parts.
    -3 US FCG
    -1 US handguard
    Your still need to replace 2 parts(in my mind).
    Add a gas puck(less then $10),maybe a US made flash hider(@ $40).
    You could also run just US made mags(counts as 3 parts).
    I run with a gas puck and home made floor plates in my imported magazines.

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    Stock/grip, gas puck and mags should cover it for you. The tapco trigger will make much better imo

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