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    Default Williamson Conservation & Sporting Club

    The Williamson Conservation and Sporting Club is located in Williamson, NY just 25 miles east of Rochester. A detailed map and driving directions are available here. We offer the full range of shooting disciplines including skeet, trap, sporting clays, 5-stand, and a rifle/pistol range. An archery range is also available.

    The Williamson Conservation and Sporting Club prides itself on having one of the area's most scenic sporting clays courses. The course, which currently has 35+ stations, is fully automatic and can be enjoyed without the need for a trapper. Take a look at our collection of pictures of the course and club.

    The club calendar tracks upcoming events and activities.

    Membership information and an application form are available.

    Membership Rates for 2008
    Type Cost
    Family membership $50
    Family membership, applicant over 62 $25
    Lifetime $500

    Please note the following:
    All new members pay a $50 certification and orientation fee. (one time fee)

    Membership runs from January 1 to December 31 and is not prorated.
    All new members must complete range orientation. It is the responsibility of potential new members to arrange time for the orientation with a club officer.
    All new members must attend first available monthly meeting. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm.
    Starting 2006, members who decline to participate in "work days" and or fail to volunteer time towards the operation of the club will incur a yearly $25 fee. This change in club policy has been adopted as an effort to increase member participation and reduce the workload historically performed by a select few individuals.
    A copy of the membership application is available here.
    A copy of the club by-laws is available here

    Hours indicated are eastern time

    Hours of Operation
    Day Range Skeet/Trap Sporting Clays
    Sunday 1 PM to sunset 9 AM to 1 PM 9 AM to 2 PM
    Monday 9 AM to sunset Closed Closed
    Tuesday 9 AM to sunset Closed Closed
    Wednesday 9 AM to sunset Closed Closed
    Thursday 9 AM to 2 PM 2 PM to 8 PM 9 AM to sunset
    Friday 9 AM to sunset Closed Closed
    Saturday Noon to sunset 9 AM to 2 PM 9 AM to 2 PM

    For an appointment contact Jeff Kunzer at
    Day: (585) 721-4980
    Evening: (315) 524-9814
    NOTE: All users of the range must read and comply with the following rules and regulations.

    Rates are subject to change
    Discipline Birds Members Nonmembers Juniors
    Skeet 25 $3 $4 $2.50
    Wobble Skeet 25 $3 $4 $2.50
    Trap 25 $3 $4 $2.50
    Sporting Clays 25 $6 $8 $5
    Sporting Clays 50 $12 $15 $10
    Sporting Clays 75 $18 $22.50 $15
    Sporting Clays 100 $24 $30 $20
    Sporting Clays per target 25 cents 30 cents 20 cents

    Also available: Pre-paid shooting cards
    24 for $200
    12 for $100
    Each card has a value of $10

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    Wow, the annual membership is quite cheap. I might have to check the club out once my membership expires at my current club.

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    Yes we have increased our fees over the years but usually only 5 bucks at a time. We did away with single and went to family which covers both. The $50.00 orientation fee is for the range improvements we mad 10 years ago, to pay off the loan.

    I also notice our clay target prices need updating as they are from 2006.

    You do not have to be a menber to shoot clay targets.

    The pistol/rifle range is accessed by an swipe card reader.

    I'm a past Pres and a director.

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    Do they ever shoot IDPA over there?
    I'd be very interested if they did.

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    No we don't our range isn't set up for it.

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    Is the pistol/ rifle range open while skeet/trap is being shot ?

    And can I join now and get 2010 dues thrown in ?

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    Default wcsc range open

    Sorry just saw your post:
    Yes, you can shoot on the range while clays are being shot. WITH the exception of a hunters tour league shoot, then the rifle/pistol range is closed till 3pm+_. You'd not find a place to park & we have close to 150 people wandering around.

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